ABL Automation Inc.
We provide a repair service and can provide new replacement
modules for some of the Tenor Series 763 Sequential controls
and the Tenor Series 100 Industrial Controls.

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Series 100 Industrial Controller

Series 100 Price guide

Download Series 100 Utilities Program

Series 100 manual
 Series 763 Sequential Controller

                          763 Price Guide   
 763 Manual
                         763-7-0130 Time Count Module (17.8mb)
                         763-7-0115 Stepper Module (13.2mb)
                         763-7-0138 Multiprogram Stepper (6.6mb)
                         763-7-0137 Input Logic Module (8.4mb)
                         763-7-0116 Triac Module (12.7mb)
                         763-7-0117 Transistor Output Module (9.4mb)
                         Trouble Shooting (2.5mb)
                         Programming Charts (2.3mb)